A bit about me !

Hello everyone ! I'm Roussil ! I'm 14 and I live in France. I enjoy drawing and video games, Pokemon being one of my favorites.

I created this Livejournal account to join the PkmnCollectors community ! I began to collect Pokemon merchandise when I was 6, when my dad offered me a set of Pokemon Kids Figure. There was an Eevee on it, which became my favorite Pokemon. I also loved and still love all the Eeveelutions.

The said Eevee. He's old and there's paint missing pretty much everywhere, because I always played with it.2014-03-24 19.18.43

A bunch of Eeveelutions Kids Figure ! I also owned them when I was little, but Espeon and Umbreon are newer. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic, I'm using my phone. 2014-03-24 19.19.10

When Sylveon was announced, I completely fell in love with it ! So I decided to collect Sylveon merchandise.

Figures : 2014-03-24 19.01.54

Keychains : 2014-03-24 19.02.59 - Copie

Other pictures : ejkzepf

2014-03-24 19.01.22

As you can see with the Serperior / Leafeon picture, my collection is part of the decoration of my room. But I'll show the whole thing later !